Business use

We will respond flexibly according to customer’s requests, such as pick-up of guests and officers, corporate sales etc.

Please use our company’s hire service, such as when you transfer to a customer of a special customer or when you need a business pick-up, such as when entering a VIP from abroad. Our driver can talk in Korean, Chinese and English (please contact other languages). Language correspondence according to customers is possible.

It can correspond to various route patterns. We will also respond flexibly to delays such as meetings.

Please use it for your convenience, such as use by one way and return trip.

※ Our company’s correspondence area will be Tokyo 23 wards · Musashino city · Mitaka city


3 hour course
21,000 yen~


If you are using it for business travel, we will provide an estimate of the fee according to your request for time frame and the desire of destination / route etc. If you inform us of the destination candidates in advance, we will look for the appropriate route and make the move smooth.


  • If you use the expressway, you will receive a separate expressway fee separately.
  • If the time zone of the reservation is exceeded, we will charge a separate extension charge separately.
  • If you wish to extend the urgent time on that day, we may not be able to receive it due to circumstances. Please note.
  • There is a possibility that we will not be able to respond to your situation depending on circumstances when you make a sudden change of destination or extension of time etc during riding. Please note.
  • Payment method will be credit card transaction. (Please contact us in advance if you would like other payment methods.)
  • In circumstances where it is difficult to operate due to natural disasters, accidents, etc., there are times when we will suspend operations.